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To the Whale Tail!

Just a relatively short hike from our hostel (The Flutterby House) is the beach… A really awesome beach where the waves come from two sides and form the beach in the shape of a whale tail. This beach is only accessible at low tide, so the hostel posts tide times by the desk so you can plan your day accordingly.

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Back to Uvita & Earthquake!!

Checked into an awesome hostel called Flutterby House in Uvita. Showered, settled in, grabbed a beer, and then… Shit… Wait… How strong is the beer??? I feel dizzy…. I looked around and everyone else was grabbing the tables as well. F! Earthquake! It was over relatively quickly, but knocked the internet out… Minor details. Everyone is safe! ★ Blue dot

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Here I Go Again, On My Own

I roam around the world, bitches! 🌎 … waiting for my flight right now to Central America! I bought a ticket to Nicaragua, but just realized my layover is in Costa Rica! When I bought the ticket, it said the layover was in San Jose. “OK, cool… San Jose, California…” C’mon, that is a completely reaspnable assumption! I mean, it’s

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