Bacon and Beer Classic

Bacon and Beer Classic

Are you a beer enthusiast (like me)? Love everything bacon? If so, check to see if the Bacon and Beer Classic Festival will be near you!

Just this past weekend, I had the privilege of taking over @BandBClassic’s Instagram feed for the event! I couldn’t have asked for a better “job” – I mean, unlimited access to craft beers and the best local bacon dishes?!! Um…. Yes, please!!

The event was a lot of fun (although I think it could have been longer – 3 hours is really not enough time for all the amazing tastings).


At the Event

Bacon, beer, bacon-eating contest, blow-up bouncy room (for adults), games (giant jenga, cornhole, etc.)




My Favorites There

Baked Apple Cider (by D’s Wicked Cider, Kennewick, WA)

This is the most amazing cider I’ve ever had! I actually didn’t discover them at this event – I discovered them randomly awhile ago, and have been in love ever since. This cider tastes just like an apple pie (cinnamon and all)!!

Peace Pipe Porter (by Worthy Brewing, Bend, OR)

Oh… my… god… SO GOOD!!!

Milk chocolate with a hint of graham cracker on the nose. Flavors of fudgesicle and a slight nuttiness finish with a hint of cacao nib bitterness. 5.2% ABV, 22 IBU

Guinness milkshake with bacon (by Hard Rock Cafe, Seattle)

A really delicious milkshake, made fresh. The sweet with the salty is perfect.


Interested in Going?

Check here for locations and tickets:

General Admission is about $60 – 3 hours of fun

VIP tickets are about $100 – 4 hours of fun (1 hour early access), plus a few extra vendors to sample from.

Personally, I don’t think the VIP is worth $100. I think $60 is even a bit pricey, actually, but 99% of everything at the event can be found in the general admission part (at least at the event I was at – perhaps every event is different). At the event in Seattle, there were only about 4 extra tables for VIP (really not a lot in comparison to the entire event consisting of over 100 vendors) – that extra 4 is really not worth an extra $40 (in my opinion). Save your money and skip the VIP.


Find Me!

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