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  1. Hi!
    I have just met your old friend Bert from Frederick County Public Schools! He speaks very highly of you, and he says HI!!

    My wife and I are moving to Cuenca, EC, in the coming year, and if you’re ever in the neighborhood, why don’t you and my wife and I have coffee? I’m also a teacher in the Winchester, VA, area.


  2. Hi Lindsay

    My husband and I are in our 60s and we live in Australia. We have been travel quite extensive to various part of the world but want to more in the future.

    We are planning to Scandinavia next year. In the past, we joined various guided tours, they were ok but found a lot of time were wasted because of other people’s needs. About two years ago, we tried our own private tours to Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan and got a lot more joy out of it. This year, we did same to Chiang Mai, Laos and Myanmar, the trip was just perfect for us. (we contacted local travel agencies and arranged transport and accom. etc)

    We would like to gather some travel tips from you in regards to going about Scandinavia countries. Any kind assistance from you would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Hello there,

    I found your bit of purple paper at Kaffeeklatsch today after spending some time there. Not quite sure how you’ve traveled the world so extensively already, but I’m damn impressed.

    I’m about to work out the beginnings of a decent trip- but if you really are in the area (and truly right around the corner) well, I’ve just got to say hello. Can’t say I want to actually “win” any physical things though. I’m doing my best to cut my belongings down quite a bit at the moment. After all, it’s unnecessary and rather difficult to try to pay for an apartment AND travel at the same time, right? I’m sure you’re familiar with that feeling.

    So, that said- well done. I can only hope to be partially as successful as it seems you’ve been. We’ll give it a good solid try, at least.

    And if you’re bored (which by all accounts is impossible) in the next few days and want to say hello- I’ll likely be in the neighborhood attempting to stay focused while getting ready to hop into a 1972 Beetle that… mostly …runs fine. I hope. Be a friendly distraction for a minute, if you’d like.



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