Lake Louise, Canada

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Lake Louise is in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.  It might be the most popular lake to visit within the park.  There is a huge hotel right in front of the lake and a hike to a teahouse.


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The hike to the teahouse is about an hour [maybe a 90 minute] hike.  It starts right beside the lake [if the hotel is to your back, the trail head is on the right side ofLake Louise].  It can be a strenuous hike for some people, so there is also an option of going to the top by horse.  The horses can make it about 95% of the way up, but then you need to walk the rest because there are stairs you must climb.  The teahouse sits adjacent to Lake Agnes which leads into a water fall.  It’s a nice relaxing atmosphere after an exhausting and long hike.  Be sure to bring cash, however, because the teahouse does not accept credit/debit cards.


If you don’t want to walk the 1.5 hours up the mountain, then you can go by horse!

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  1. Thanks for the info re the tea house. Loved it but would not have had enough cash without reading your blog ahead of time. Pls. do more Canadian posts. Photos are fabulous.

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