Traveling is my #1 favorite hobby for so many reasons. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey in London, Sydney Opera House, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, and The Great Wall of China – just to name a few. Great sights and famous landmarks is a given when traveling. But aside from the legendary attractions, what I love most about traveling and experiencing new places, is living like a local: finding hole-in-the-wall restaurants and bars that aren’t in a travel book. Whether it’s a great cheeseburger with everything on it but the kitchen sink, fantastic ice cream that tastes as if you’re eating a silky-sweet-cloud, or a bar that adds a new exotic beer to their menu every year, the hole-in-the-wall places are what make cities extraordinary.

This is dedicated to the life I live as a quasi-local in whatever city I happen to come across, living frugally, and the local gold mines and other various neighboring activities that I find in specific cities.

Travel-Nut vs. The Homebody

What happens when a travel-enthusiast with itchy feet and a completely content homebody live under the same roof? Point-blank conversations that are surprisingly similar to the 5 Stages of Grief. I guess anyone going through this metamorphosis grieves the loss of their old life – no matter how awesome their life already was.

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Global Front-Runners of Sustainability and Healthy Living

I know a lot of people that care about self-sustainable ways of living and care about mother nature, but I can’t really say that about whole CITIES. Until now. Below is a list of cities that have got the right idea and are doing sustainability right! Hopefully word will spread and these awesome ideas will catch on in other cities around the world. Let’s follow the lead of these global front-runners of sustainability and healthier living! :)

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