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My Top Favorite Cities!

A running list of my top cities of all time!  Places that I’ve visited, didn’t want to leave, and could see myself seriously living there in the future! Seattle, WA, USA Stavanger, Norway Budapest, Hungary New Zealand (Anywhere) Edinburgh, Scotland, UK Copenhagen, Denmark Barcelona, Spain New York, NY, USA Baños, Ecuador  

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Global Front-Runners of Sustainability and Healthy Living

I know a lot of people that care about self-sustainable ways of living and care about mother nature, but I can’t really say that about whole CITIES. Until now. Below is a list of cities that have got the right idea and are doing sustainability right! Hopefully word will spread and these awesome ideas will catch on in other cities around the world. Let’s follow the lead of these global front-runners of sustainability and healthier living! :)

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“London Parkour 2010”

The boy that was walking the wall walked over to the side walk, started kicking his legs like he was stretching, and then wiped off the bottom of his shoe. What was he doing? I sat there, watching curiously… And then out of no where, he ran full speed to the first wall, jumped over it, MISSED THE SECOND ONE, and fell! I literally gasped and jumped up off the bench as I saw his fingers gripping the side of the second wall. … And his friend got it all on camera!

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