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“London Parkour 2010”

The boy that was walking the wall walked over to the side walk, started kicking his legs like he was stretching, and then wiped off the bottom of his shoe. What was he doing? I sat there, watching curiously… And then out of no where, he ran full speed to the first wall, jumped over it, MISSED THE SECOND ONE, and fell! I literally gasped and jumped up off the bench as I saw his fingers gripping the side of the second wall. … And his friend got it all on camera!

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Blue Point Brewery, Long Island, NY

If you happen to be on Long Island, you should definitely stop by one of my favorite breweries for some free beer and free tours! If you don’t want to stick around for a tour, no worries… Unlike other brewery tours, at Blue Point Brewery, the beer is still free to enjoy!

The Blue Point Brewery offers 3 free beer samples [a decent size -about the size of a coffee cup] per person and then cheap beer after your free samples! Select from any of their beers; and they really have a good selection no matter what kind of beer you’re into! And you can’t beat the prices: $1-$3 for sample sizes.

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Nibbling Fish

If you’ve been to Asia, then you know that massages are offered on every corner – foot massage, upper-body massage, full-body massage, Thai massage, etc… but the one that was new to me was the “fish massage.”  All over Asia there are huge fish tanks in the malls and on the streets and in the tanks there are small, hungry,

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Papa Roti – found in Vietnam

If you happen to be in Nha Trang, Vietnam, then definitely go to a little place called “Papa Roti.”  It’s located directly across from the train station – which makes it perfect for grabbing something fast before sitting on a very long train ride… Papa Roti doesn’t look like much, but they make the best rolls I think I’ve ever

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Jomptien Burgers

  City, Country: Pattaya [Jomptien], Thailand . . Pattaya is most likely not your first choice of where to go in Thailand… However, if you happen to make your way there and you’re craving a burger, I found the place for you! . Just outside of Pattaya there’s a small area called Jomptien.  In this area there is a great

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