Papa Roti – found in Vietnam

If you happen to be in Nha Trang, Vietnam, then definitely go to a little place called “Papa Roti.”  It’s located directly across from the train station – which makes it perfect for grabbing something fast before sitting on a very long train ride…

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Papa Roti doesn’t look like much, but they make the best rolls I think I’ve ever eaten… it tastes like a pancake with butter and syrup in the middle.  They keep the huge rolls in the oven so then when you order one, it’s hot and fresh!  One roll is 12,000 Vietnamese Dong [which is only about 55 cents]!

I stumbled on this place in a hurry before catching a train headed up north inVietnam… I needed something to eat and knew it would be a long train ride, but nothing in the store seemed like good “on-the-go” type of food… after giving up in the store, I saw this place directly in front of the station – PERFECT location!  I ordered one roll, got to the train station, and started to enjoy it while waiting for the train… the roll was so amazing that I decided that the risk of missing the train might just be worth going back across the street to order 4 more rolls for the long train ride!

Now I know that I’ve been eating rice and noodles for a few months straight, so maybe I loved these rolls so much because it tasted like a little bit of home… but I know that even if this shop was back home, I would enjoy these rolls just as much!

I think Papa Roti might originally be an Australian company (?), but there are other locations throughout Asia– try to find them, enjoy, and report back with their whereabouts!


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  1. Thanks so much. Will look for this roll when we come in Oct. Helps a lot Lindsey. Can’t get over how modern things are from your posts.

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