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Fundy Bay Café

Fundy Bay Café in Hillsborough, New Brunswick, Canada – About 20 minutes north of the Hopewell Cape Rocks on route 114.  Don’t drive too fast through this small town or you might miss it!  Coming from the north [going towards The Hopewell Cape Rocks], Fundy Bay Café is on the right. While waiting for the tide to go out, I

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Halifax, Nova Scotia

City, Province, Country: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada In a Nutshell: The heart of “The Maritimes” [islands in Eastern Canada]. Halifax was a key location for military defense against the U.S. Entertainment: Parks. Halifax had some great little parks throughout the city – flowers, statues, streams, ponds, fountains, animals, etc. . . Shops. The Harbor. Citadel.  The Citadel is an old fortress in the middle of Halifax. It was

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