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Kava is a local drink in Fiji [non-alcoholic], a social event, and an experience all in itself!  Kava is a root that is grown in Fiji for six years, then dried for about a month, then smashed into a fine powder.  This powder is then placed in bag made of a material like cheesecloth, placed in water, mixed well with

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Monuriki Island

If you want to visit the exact island where the movie “Cast Away” was filmed, be aware that there is an island named “Castaway” which is what the movie was named after but was NOT filmed there! A lot of people automatically assume that Castaway Island is the island where the movie was made [based on the name], wind up paying a lot of money for a boat ride over there, and then realize later in their trip that they went to the wrong island! MONURIKI is the island you want to go to.

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Fiji is a country that consists of 333 islands. The mainland is nothing great, but the other 332 islands are worth a visit. Enjoy making jewelry out coconut shells, fire dancing, island hopping, snorkeling, drinking Kava, scuba diving, spear fishing, visiting the island where Tom Hanks starred in the movie Cast Away, hiking, watching picturesque sunsets, and much more!

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