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Sipán Tomb

The biggest tomb in all of the Americas! This tomb is comparable to the Great Pyramids in Egypt. In 1987, grave robbers were stealing several gold objects from the tomb but then had a disagreement with one another and reported each other to the police (some stories say that locals in the area saw it happening and reported it). In any case, the tomb was reported to authorities and excavation started.

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Global Front-Runners of Sustainability and Healthy Living

I know a lot of people that care about self-sustainable ways of living and care about mother nature, but I can’t really say that about whole CITIES. Until now. Below is a list of cities that have got the right idea and are doing sustainability right! Hopefully word will spread and these awesome ideas will catch on in other cities around the world. Let’s follow the lead of these global front-runners of sustainability and healthier living! :)

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