To me, traveling is the best learning experience. Better than any class or college course or degree. The real life interactions and lessons, how to survive on one’s own and use common sense, and how to save money while continuously on-the-go are all important aspects to traveling [especially long term]. There are many characteristics that make up a “good traveler;” characteristics that that go far beyond the comfort of staying in a nice hotel and eating familiar meals. How to travel on a dime by finding great deals and being thrifty, yet at the same time, not so cheap that you can’t enjoy yourself, is an art. One needs to be flexible and laidback because plans change all the time, but also structured and motivated to actually to the research [which sometimes is hours a day]. One also needs to be patient when waiting for good deals to roll around, but determined and ready to pounce the second it does. Someone that is a picky eater or can not sleep on a floor with no pillow will not survive the extreme traveling that I intend to endure. People ask me all the time how I travel, save money, if I get scared doing it all alone when I’m such a tiny girl, how I got the idea to go to certain places, how I found certain travel deals, etc. I want to make those answers and stories available for anyone interested. So, with that said, this is the Whole Story of my travel adventures.