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2023 Geilo (Feb 23-26)


February 2023


Sleeping Spaces


Early Bird Price

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February 23 – 26, 2023

The Geilo property is booked (Feb 23-26) and ready to be filled with amazing energy!
The property can sleep 16+ people and consists of 4 buildings: 2 cabins, a “Viking Hall” as a common hang out area with a huge fireplace, and a bath house (sauna and shower). We would get all 4 buildings to ourselves for the entire weekend (Thursday evening after work, to Sunday afternoon).

Prices will be based on dates (ahead of time) rather than divided by the total number of guests (afterwards) for a few reasons:

• it’s less stressful to sort everything out ahead of time
• it’s nice knowing the exact price going in rather than a surprise later
• it’s a built in “thank you” for not waiting to the last minute
• there’s always someone who books at the last minute (and that’s ok)

The sooner you book, the cheaper it will be!
Here’s how the pricing will work:
Book between…

Feb 01-05 = 990kr
Feb 06-10 = 1190kr
Feb 11-15 = 1390kr
After Feb 15 = 1590kr

Anyone who wants to join should message me to confirm and then Vipps me 1590kr (regardless of the date) to save their space. Once we have enough people (minimum of 10), we will confirm the cabin trip, and then the extra money you paid will be deducted from the common costs such as firewood, toilet paper, coffee (if you’re a coffee drinker), etc.

All the common costs should not be a lot of money split between all of us, but the over payment upfront is just to ensure coverage of the cabin and common expenses… This way, I don’t have to stress as much hunting people down later for payments – most everyone will get money back, unless you book after Feb 15.
Drivers will get an extra 100kr back! So if you’re a driver and reserve your spot now, you’ll pay only 890kr for the entire long 3-day weekend!

If extra money is collected even after all the common expenses and money back, then it’ll be recycled back into this group for supplies (wax for waxing-parties, day-passes and other prizes for trivia night, etc.) and space rentals for future fun (a beautiful cycle of snow-love, y’all).

Side notes of foreseeable problems:

• If we have less than 10 people confirmed by Feb 15, then we, as a group, will have to make a decision to either (1) cancel the trip all together, (2) downgrade to just one cabin instead of all 4 buildings on the property, or (3) keep all 4 buildings, but then no money back… But, of course, if you decide you want to bail, and the rest of the group doesn’t, then your money won’t be held hostage – you’ll get a full reimbursement if we’re faced with this decision. But let’s cross that decision-bridge later – hopefully we’ll get more than 10 people!
• If you don’t have Vipps, we’ll figure out a different payment method – no worries. Just message me and we’ll figure something out.
• If we have many drivers, then the ones who can fit more equipment will be the chosen ones (later on).
• If we don’t have many drivers/cars, then groups of non-car-owners will be grouped together with a non-car-owner who is able to drive, to organize a rental car.

Any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me!
FB post: https://www.facebook.com/groups/osloskiandsnowboard/permalink/940377773994986