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2024 Kvitfjell (Mar 07-10)


March 2024


Sleeping Spaces


Early Bird Price


AXCESS Key Card | kvitfjell.no | piste map

Cabin Details

    • On the slope! Ski-in/Ski-out
    • No driving to the slope in the morning
    • Few meters from the After-Ski
    • Fireplace
    • 2 Bathrooms (shower and toilet in each)
    • Grill

What Makes Kvitfjell Special

Kvitfjell actually has the steepest slope in all of Northern Europe! For comparison, Trysil’s steepest slope is 45° (which is steep as hell), but in Kvitfjell, there’s a slope that is 64°!!! It’s insane, and they train for the Olympics there. I did it, and I’m still alive (but my palms are literally sweating while I type this and thinking about it). It wasn’t the most fun run at Kvitfjell – there are so many great off-piste options there – I was smiling all day! Definitely a rival for best resort in Norway.


The cabin is located just a few meters away from one of the most popular hang outs after the lifts close: Fjøset at Tyrihans


March 07-10, 2024

The Kvitfjell cabin cabin is booked and ready for guests to sign up! March 07-10 (Thursday-Sunday) – join Thursday after work, or arrive on Friday 😊  The cabin is located on the slope – very close to a fun after ski place. No need to coordinate with drivers in the morning – just wake up and walk out into the snow whenever it suits you!


Want to Join on Friday?

Advantages: Fits around your schedule, direct transportation from Oslo to resort town, car will be arranged to get your from bus/train station (no need to worry about a taxi), and no sharing fuel costs (will be split only with those who opted for car transportation from Oslo)

Want to join on Friday instead of leaving Thursday evening? No problem! Getting to Kvitfjell from Oslo is pretty easy and anyone who would like to leave on Friday can coordinate with each other so that you can travel together. Once you arrive in town, message me and I’ll organize for one of the drivers (or myself) to go pick you up. If you’d like to catch a ride with us back on Sunday, let me know so that I can arrange a space in the car to be available. However, if you’d like to take the same public transportation back to Oslo, that could be in your benefit because then you won’t have to worry about splitting any of the petrol expenses. Basically, transportation is flexible to whatever best fits your schedule and budget – just let me know so that arrangements can be made.


The sooner you book, the cheaper it will be! Here’s how the pricing will work:
Book between…
Before Feb 05 = 1590kr
Feb 05 – Feb 18 = 1790kr
Feb 19 – Feb 25 = 1990kr
Feb 26 – Mar 03 = 2190kr
Anyone who wants to join should message me to confirm and then send the maximum price (regardless of the date), either via Revolut or Vipps, to save their space. Once we have enough people, we will confirm the cabin trip, and then the extra money you paid will be deducted from the common costs such as if we need to rent a car to get there (usually no more than 200-300kr per person if we have to rent, but we usually have enough drivers). Note: If you’re a driver, you won’t be included the costs of possible rental cars.

All the common costs should not be a lot of money split between all of us, but the over payment upfront is just to ensure coverage of the cabin and common expenses… This way, I don’t have to stress as much hunting people down later for payments – Almost everyone will get money back, unless you book after the last deadline (tier #4).

Driver Perks

NEW! Unlike last year where we had a flat rate of 100kr that was credited back to each driver, this year, we’ll try something new: Drivers now will get money back for every additional person they can fit into their cars
Not only will drivers receive money back, but if the group needs to rent an additional vehicle, drivers are exempt from this extra cost! As a driver, you are also determine your own pick-up point and schedule.
Note: Drivers are determined by a first-come-first-served basis, so sign-up to be a driver soon!
Read all the details about being a driver on the FAQ page.


Send me a message on WhatsApp to reserve your spot now 😊
Or, if you have more questions, you can check out this FAQ Page with the most Frequently Asked Questions. Chances are you’ll find the answer on there. If not, feel free to message me with all you questions