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Alps Tour (2023)

July 17 – July 29, 2021 Canceled due to COVID-19

Rescheduled for

July 15 – July 29, 2023




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Quick Details:

★ 6 Alpine countries (Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein)
★ 15 day adventure

We Will Visit:

★ Several UNESCO World Heritage Sites
★ Ride on the famous Bernina Express train from Como to St. Moritz for one of the world’s most famous train experiences (train with glass ceiling)
★ Two nights in Salzburg, as well as a visit to Neuschwanstein Castle, Eagle’s Nest and the famous salt mines.

Tour Price Includes:

★ Hotels (15 nights of amazing accommodation!)
★ Private deluxe tour bus (no local buses or any worries of transportation)
★ Baggage handling (pack everything you want and don’t lift a finger!)
★ Experienced tour director
★ Local guides at each location
★ All breakfasts
★ 5 dinners with wine or beer
★ Epic train ride with glass ceiling
★ Tour into the Salzburg salt mines


★ $3848 for more than 2 weeks in the Alps!
★ For 15 days and nights = $256 per day (for all activities, accommodation, tours, transportation, private bus, baggage handling, epic train ride, salt mine tour, all breakfasts, etc.)
★ A $300 deposit guarantees the price (locked in) and your spot!
★ A monthly payment plan is available and saves you $50 off the price.


★ Feel free to make your own arrangements to meet us in Zurich, Switzerland on July 17, 2021 or…
★ Round trip Airfare (including airport transfers) is available (example: round trip from JFK is $1260). Just let me know which is your preferred airport, and all the arrangements will be taken care of for you!

☆ If you make you’re own flight arrangements, then fly into Zurich, Switzerland (airport code “ZRH”) on July 17, 2021 and fly out of Salzburg, Austria (airport code “SZG”) on July 29, 2021… or contact me and I can help you with arrangements to meet the group.
☆ NOTE: The earliest you can search for flights is 330 prior to departure (I think this is true on all websites).

My Take on This Trip:

I know that for most of you, over $3000 sounds like a LOT of money for a two week vacation, but here are some points to think about:

This actually is a vacation – My normal travel style is backpacking and flying by the seat of pants as a go, which is very freeing, but could actually be kind of stressful and doesn’t really work for people with work schedules… This trip is all prearranged, with zero stress.

These countries are very expensive – Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world. I remember traveling there a few years ago, and I could hardly afford to get a sandwich from Subway because a 6 inch sandwich was over $18! So if you were to book this same trip on your own, accommodation alone would be the same price!

Price breakdown – This entire trip costs less than $300 per day, and that includes almost everything (I say almost, because if you want to buy extra food, drinks, souvenirs, then obviously the trip doesn’t include those things)… The hotels we’re staying in actually cost more than $300 per night, so you’re getting the hotels, food, tours, private bus, and everything else with the tour as a bonus! We get discounts because we’re booking as a group.

Freedom – I actually really hate tour groups. I don’t like being herded like cattle around a city… But I went on one of these tours (with the same company) last year in Italy and it was fantastic! Our tour guide was amazing and coordinated with me when I wanted to break free and walk around on my own. I walk faster than the group as a whole, so I was able to loop around the Amalfi coast on my own, and then just text our tour guide to see where they were when I wanted to regroup with them. It was awesome.


Q: How many people will be on the trip?
A: We need a minimum of 12 people to make the trip happen (which we already have), and we have a maximum of 38 people (so we can all fit on the bus and eat dinner together).

Q: What happens if I put the $300 down to hold my spot, but then decide not to go?
A: Your money will not be lost! If you decide not to attend the amazing Alps trip, then 100% of your $300 will roll over into a travel account which you can use on another trip (so you won’t actually get the $300 back to spend on groceries, but it’s still your money to use on any future vacation booked with Go Ahead Tours).

Q: Is there travel insurance?
A: Yes! If you’d like to book travel insurance when you put down your deposit, you can do so (which is around the same price as the deposit). What’s great about the travel insurance is that it’s not just for the 15 day adventure – it actually starts the day you book it! So if you add the travel insurance when you put down your deposit, and then a few months later you have some unforeseen medical circumstances (for example) that will prohibit you from attending the Alps tour in 2021, then ALL of your money (including the deposit) will be returned to you!

Want More Details?

If you want more details, don’t hesitate to reach out! Email me at HoleStories@gmail.com, or text me directly on Instagram @HoleStories



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