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Auxiliares de Conversación Contact Information (make a friend!)

Make a FriendIf you were accepted to Spain’s North American Language and Culture Assistant Program, congratulations!  It hasn’t been the easiest process to get to this point, I know… Then I had a thought:

Wouldn’t it be nice to make new friends (or at least have a list out there of the people) who are going through exactly the same process you are?! I mean, let’s be real: things change from year-to-year, so my info’ and other blogs may be out of date with the exact process, prices, where to go, etc. Hell, I recently read that there are even new regions in Spain participating this

year (and others who dropped out due to funding)! So yeah… I got to thinking: How can I help you best?

Well, my superpower is not blogging (I actually don’t even consider myself a blogger and think I’m pretty shit at it, to be honest) – my real superpower is making life easier for everyone via computers and spreadsheets (ohhhhh how I LOVE spreadsheets). So here’s my gift to all you future Auxiliares: An organized database of anyone and everyone who wants to be known in the program.

If you would like to add yourself to the list so that you can get in contact with others, fill out this form and it’ll automatically add your information :).

Please feel free to add comments below with suggestions of what I should add (more questions, other contact info, etc). Also, let me know what else I can do/make to make your lives easier! When I was in the program, there were so many things I wish existed, or at least a data base of some kind! So I will help any way I can and work with my contacts over there. Cheers!


I just made this in 6 minutes, so all suggestions are very welcome!  What would make this contact list even better?  Please let me know!

And if you found this helpful and/or like this idea, please share with other assistants in the program so that the list can grow!  Thank you!




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