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Auxiliares • Now That You’re Living in Spain…

now-that-youre-living-in-spainOh my gosh… You’re in Spain!! You’ve made it through the grueling process! Congrats!! I’m happy to tell you that you’re almost finished with paper work (but not quite yet)!

OK, so now that you’re settling in, there’s a few things you need to do:


Cell Phone

Price: ~ €5 -€15 per month

Check out these articles:


Apartment Paperwork

Price: ~ €2 (differs from town to town)

After you settled on an apartment and moved in, you need to register with the town in which you’re living.

If you’re living in an apartment and have a lease: Make a copy of the lease.

If you’re living with a host family: Have the host family write a letter stating that you’re living at their address, and for how long, and write down their names and ID numbers.

Bring a copy of your lease so that they can verify that you actually live in town.  If you’re staying with a host family, then you still need this to bring this as well as the person whose name is on the lease so that they can sign something saying that you’re really living with him/her.

Once you have some sort of paperwork stating where you live, you need to bring it to the local town hall.

Note: Apartment Lease is called “escritura”



Price: ~ €15

Once you’ve registered where you live with the town hall, you’re ready to get your NIE.

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