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Auxiliares • How to Apply via PROFEX

So you’re ready to apply!  Great!  That decision was a big step in itself!  But now you’re really going to be tested of how badly you want this…

Auxiliares de Conversación, How to Apply via PROFEX | HOLE STORIES

If you haven’t already, read these Guidelines to get started (and I’ll help as much as I can, because it’s a confusing process, to say the least).

In order to apply, you must use a very frustrating system called PROFEX – it crashes all the time and has trouble uploading documents more often than not

, but this is what everyone must deal with in order to become a viable candidate.

Click here to access PROFEX

Then, if you follow these step-by-step directions (in English) of how to apply via the PROFEX system, PROFEX is a lot more tolerable a lot less of a nightmare.


What to upload into PROFEX

Everything you submit on PROFEX will be Electronic copies.  So if someone had written you a letter of recommendation and only gave you a hard copy, figure out a way to scan it into the computer in order to upload it to PROFEX…

(Electronic) Copy of your passport ID page

(Electronic) Copy of your college transcript or college diploma (I sent an unofficial transcript that I printed off from my university website… or just copy your diploma… no need to pay for an official transcript).

(Electronic) A signed a dated statement of purpose of no less than 250 words.
Basically, why do you want to teach English in Spain?  I wrote (in English) about being a teacher in the U.S. and that I love to travel and that this experience would be a combination of my two loves (teaching and traveling).  I also included that  I feel a real connection to Spain since my mother studied in Salamanca…  Just write about why you want to do this and how you think you might grow from this experience.

(Electronic) Letter of recommendation (from an employer or a professor)

(Hard Copy) New Yorkers must submit page 14 of the manual
I’m from NY, but I thought this might be a pain and I hate signing things (I feel like I’m signing contracts to sell my soul to the devil or something… a signature is so binding – I just don’t like it), so I used my dad’s address in Pennsylvania just to avoid more paperwork… But now that I’m reading it, it doesn’t seem difficult – just sign it, don’t think about it, and send it in!


What to mail to your regional contact

Signed and dated copy of the PDF that is generated after you submit your documents in PROFEX

Signed and dated copy of this checklist you must print, and check off that you have everything included, and then mail this with your application

Special form for New Yorkers

Who’s your regional contact?  Check page 9 of the manual (I don’t want to list them specifically, because this is most likely to change from year to year).

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