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Bali, Indonesia



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Island, CountryBali, Indonesia

The airport you’ll fly into when flying to Bali is called “Denpasar.”  Even though the airport city is “Denpasar,” you actually fly into the city of Kuta [which is about a 30 minute drive north].

Kuta is a very lively city and is kind of fun coming right off the plane.  However, if you really hate an atmosphere where everyone and their mother [literally] is trying to sell you something and shove it in your face when you’re trying to talk, then Kuta is not for you…  I would suggest Ubud instead.

So you decide…
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The Money: Indonesian Rupiah [IDR]

The money can be a bit confusing because there are so many zeros.  For example, a cheap cup of coffee is about 12,000 Rupiah [US$1.36].  An expensive cup of coffee is 35,000 Rupiah [US$3.98].  A cheap hotel is 125,000 Rupiah [US$14.20] per night.  And when you go to the ATM, you’re pushing in millions and even I was second-guessin

g myself.  I took out 1.5 million Rupiah from the ATM, but it was only US$170 – which is plenty of money to last a week in Bali!

The prices in the stores look very strange because a bag of chips has a price tag of “70,000.”

Click HERE to read about how I did fast and easy conversions with such foreign money by using a little common sense and some easy-to-learn MONEY MATH TRICKS!

The Culture

-Something I’m sure you’ll notice are the little square baskets of flowers all over ground and streets.  At first, I thought this was a plate of food that someone had accidently dropped or forgotten somehow… but then I noticed they were all over, on every corner of every street.  These are offerings or prayers so please do not touch.

-Depending on which city you’re in, you might see children trying to sell you things.  They are trained at an early age.

-There’s no general rule for tipping like there is in the U.S.  It’s not expected, but it’s nice to give just a bit extra since things there are so much cheaper anyway…


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