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Best Travel Gear for Women Nomads

Hey, ladies! Here are some of the best travel products out there that will help you stay clean and cute while traveling the world!


Period Cup

The Diva Cup replaces regular tampons and it completely reusable (no more trash)! It’s a small cone-shaped silicone cup that you insert, just like you would a tampon. Then, to take it out, you simple squeeze the end and pull. You then empty it into the toilet and reinsert.

Price: ~ $30


Period Proof Underwear

Price: ~ $24 – $40

THINX makes a bunch of different styles of undies that you can wear while you have your period. You can think of it like a diaper, I guess, but they really do not look bad – you’d never be able to tell the difference between regular underwear and the Thinx Period Proof Underwear.

THINX is made up of four bits of tech that makes ‘em anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, absorbent, and leak-resistant. The top layer fights bacteria and absorbs any liquid into the thin layer right beneath it, so you always stay dry.

Of course, they are reusable (that’s the point) – they are just like real undies, but with special absorbent anti-microbial powers!


Indestructible Pantyhose

Pantyhose that will NOT rip… ever! Seriously! These pantyhose are made with bulletproof fibers! (Say what??? Yup. Insane.) Check out the Kickstarter project!

Price: $89 if you back the Kickstarter project now, $145 will be the future cost

Convertible Bras

This is a MUST while traveling. A “convertible bra” is one that can convert into many different styles by moving the straps (with a simple hook and loop).  Save space in your suitcase or carryon with one bra that acts as 2 (or, sometimes, 10)!

The most common one is the simple regular straight straps that you can then criss-cross in the back… but there are definitely ones out there that can convert into other combinations.


Female Urination Device

Price: ~ $10    Buy yours at Target

Enjoy the convenience of being able to urinate while standing with the innovative Female Urination Device. Made of medical-grade silicone, this urination device conforms to your body to allow you to go to the bathroom without any mess. There are a few different brands out there, but I think the most commonly used is GoGirl because of how it conforms to your body, is anit-microbial, and can fold very small. It includes a storage tube which makes it perfect for travel, camping, and outdoor activities.


DIY Vagina Deodorant

Great for traveling because you can’t always find a shower, and this is 100% natural – you can eat this!

I just recently found this and I think it’s kind of great. Just two ingredients that you probably already have at home: (1) coconut oil (organic, virgin, unrefined/raw is best) and (2) baking soda (in the video, she says “bicarbonate of soda” because she’s British – same thing).

Coconut oil is antimicrobial and smells delicious, while baking soda absorbs order. The mixture honestly smells like cookies. Keep your cookie smelling like a cookie!

I mixed a few spoons of each into an empty mini Vaseline container (small and easy to travel with). The mixture hardens when the temperature is not really hot outside, so you can scoop a little out and apply it (like Chapstick, but for down there).


Non-US Travel Hairdryer

Click the picture to see the exact one (on Amazon) I use BUT it has a US plug! As soon as I find a similar one overseas, I will swap them!

So, a travel/foldable hairdryer might seem obvious if you need to dry your hair while traveling around the world, but I’m going to explain a big difference between one you buy in the US and one you can buy in pretty much every other country.

A travel hairdryer has two things: (1) a handle that folds in so that it’s super small, and (2) a switch between 125 volts and 250 volts.  125v is what we use in the US while 250v is what the rest of the world uses (which is why this switchover is needed if you plan to use this around the world).

Here’s my suggestion:

Buy a foldable travel hairdryer outside of the US and only use it overseas.

Here’s why:

Most travel hairdryers come with two settings (low and high… and off). If you get the hairdryer in the US, then both settings will work just fine with 125v, but overseas, only the high-setting will work (or sometimes, but work, but there’s hardly any difference between the settings, it’s like “high” and “slightly higher”).

If you get the hairdryer overseas, then both settings will work just fine with 250v (which is in every country in the world besides the US). It’ll actually work in the US as well, but be very very very weak and will eventually burn out if you use it with 125v too much – so keep this as just your overseas hairdryer.

How to find one: This is the tricky part. Buying one online is difficult because you’ll have to find a foreign distributor and then pay overseas shipping costs (bummer)… My suggestion (as of right now, until I figure out a better alternative) is to just keep your eyes pealed while you’re overseas. If you see one, snag it and retire your other one.




If you have an idea that you think would be perfect for women nomads, than please share! I want to keep adding to this list to that other solo female travelers can get some ideas about what to bring when traveling!

Comment below or shoot me an email with your ideas. Thanks! =)




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