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Bláa Lónið, Iceland

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Bláa Lónið = Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is a geothermal spa located in a lava field.  It has won awards for environmental recognition, is the most visited attraction in Iceland, and is considered to be the best medical spa worldwide.

The water is an extraordinary  milky blue color, heated beneath the surface of the earth, bubbles to the surface caused by pressure, and soaks up a ton of minerals from magma along its journey.

Visitors bathe in the hot water [about 40C or 100F] and enjoy the mineral mud that is supposed to be great for the body and skin [rich with minerals like silica and sulphur].

The capital of Iceland. About a 50 minute drive from the Blue Lagoon.

20 minute drive from the Blue Lagoon


zoom out to see relation to airport and Reykjavik .


Mineral Mud:


Cave:  There’s a little cave tucked in a corner of the Blue Lagoon that I thought was interesting. If you go into the cave and look up, you’ll see hand prints from people playing with the mud.

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Blue Lagoon at Twilight:

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Getting There:  Just 20 minutes from the international airport.  By bus is the best way to get there – easiest and cheapest… Buses run regularly [pretty much every hour] and are easy to jump on as soon as you arrive.

Prices:  A one-way bus ticket either from KEF Airport or from Reykjavik city center is about 2900 ISK [US$23].  If you’d like to bathe [and who wouldn’t?], the entrance fee is about 2500 ISK [US$20].

Convenience:  At the airport, you can buy bus tickets and any type of excursion.  I bought everything all together [bus ticket from the airport to the Blue Lagoon, Blue Lagoon entrance fee, and a bus ticket from the Blue Lagoon to Reykjavik city center] for 8000 ISK [about US$66].  It didn’t save much money [if any at all], but it was nice to buy everything at once so that I didn’t have to worry about paying 4 different times throughout my short stay…

Don’t Feel Like Getting Wet? That’s ok! There’s a guided tour (about 40 minutes) that includes food sampling from the fancy LAVA restaurant (on site), a drink from the bar, a science lesson, and a gift inspired from Icelandic nature.  Tour costs EUR15.


Lindsay iceland CLICK HERE for the official BLUE LAGOON WEBSITE and for more detailed information

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