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Boston, Massachusetts


In a Nutshell

I’m not sure if I can say this as a native New Yorker, but I really like Boston!  It’s a great looking city – everything looks like art, but is functional art!  The train stations, the street lights, the memorials, the walkways… everything is so pretty!




Parks. There are a lot of great little parks scattered around the city.

The Aquarium… is kind of expensive, so that was skipped…

Museums… on the other hand, I found CAN be free.  If you go to the Boston Public

The Library [which is definitely worth checking out even if you don’t want to go to  Museums] and go through the court yard to the second building, there’s a help desk with a sign that says “Circulation.”  At this section of the library, they can sign you up for free tickets to any Museum in Boston as long as there are spaces left available.  If you’re in Boston for a few days, go there first and sign up.  I found that all the free tickets were already reserved for that same day.

Bars.  Go to Government Circle [there’s a “T” stop right there].  There are a bunch of bars with live music and dancing or bars that are more low-key.

Cheers. “Where everybody knows your name.”  The TV show “Cheers” was inspired by the local Boston bar called “The Bull and Finch Pub.”  Now, outside of this Pub, they changed the sign to say “Cheers” so that people know that this bar was in the inspiration for the TV show.  This Pub is located down the street from the Massachusetts State House [the building with the gold dome roof].  I’m specifying the location because there is another “Cheers” bar in the center of town that is just a replica of the original.

Duck Tours.  There are boats on wheels driving all over the city giving tours via land AND water.  They drive all over the city and then drive straight into the water so that you can see Boston from both streets and harbor.

The Harbor.  The Boston Tea Party!  The harbor is no longer a big tea cup but instead, a pretty view.


Getting Around

Another great thing about Boston is that it is very compact [which makes for a great city to visit].  Everything is within walking distance and the few parts that aren’t have “the T” [the train] going to them for $2 each way.



Something that I found interesting is this great bar right on the water called Boston Sail Loft.  There is an inside part for sitting and eating dinner, high tables and chairs for standing around and socializing, a bar, and an outside deck section if you want to enjoy your beverage of choice while looking at the harbor.  There’s a window from the outside section straight to the bar so that you don’t even have to walk back inside to get another drink.  All of this makes for a great atmosphere and all but what I found the most interesting about this place was their choice of bar snacks… Most bars put pretzels, chips, nuts, or any other small salty snack to make you more thirsty… The Boston Sail Loft, however, puts Oreos in a big fishbowl for everyone to enjoy.  Random, funny, and amazing!

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