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Cabbages and Condoms

There is a very unique hotel and restaurant that I went to in Thailand. When you walk in, you’ll see tranquil waterfalls, fish ponds, and many paths through lush gardens. Follow these paths for lovely walk towards private bungalows, pool, beach, and restaurant. The restaurant hangs over the water and at night is lit up with lanterns in the tree-tops and strings of lights wrapped around the tree-trunks. This place is truly spectacular and a lovely evening out..

Did I mention the theme? Safe sex. The entire restaurant is made out of condoms! There are manikins wearing condom outfits, flowers on the table whose petals are condoms, posters of condoms, decorations in the trees made up of condoms, and baskets of free condoms by the register. Most restaurants give mints or candy when you get the check, but this place gives you a different type of “life-saver!”

Although this hotel and restaurant sounds crazy and maybe a bit sleezy, it’s really not. Both the hotel and restaurant are one of the best in the city, not so cheap, and themed appropriately for a very good cause: to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. Proceeds from the Cabbages and Condoms hotel and restaurant fund projects such as training government officials, community leaders, monks, etc. in order to inform the community about HIV and AIDS.

If you happen to be in one of the many areas where a Cabbages and Condoms happens to be located, definitely go – at least for a drink or two. It’s a very fun hotel and restaurant in terms of originality and it’s done is such a classy way in a really great location: right on the water and within walking distance from the city center.

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