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Daily Average Expenses in Morocco

I said in one of my newsletters (sign up for my newsletters HERE) that I was going to try to travel more like “the typical traveler” this trip. What I meant was, I know that my travel methods might be viewed as a bit extreme (CouchSurfing, eating street food as the majority of my meals, hitchhiking, washing my clothes in the sink, etc.), and that isn’t very helpful for most people who want to know what it would be like if THEY traveled (most aren’t willing to travel how I travel).  So, this trip, I tried my best to travel like you!

  • 100% of the time I stayed in hotels
  • 98.9% of the time I ate at restaurants
  • 100% I took buses or taxis – I didn’t hitchhike at all (not even once)
  • I booked tourist shuttles and some excursions

And because I am a math dork and I love numbers, I made a spreadsheet of what I spent in Morocco – every penny of what I spent.

I then categorized the spending into seven categories:

  1. Food (eating expenses)
  2. Transportation (getting from A to B, but not a tour)
  3. Accommodation (sleeping expenses)
  4. Tourist Stuff (Tours, Museum Fees, National Parks, etc.)
  5. Misc Items (Laundry, and other necessary expenses that’ll come up while traveling)
  6. Drinks (Beer & Coffee)
  7. Luxury / Extras (things I bought that I really didn’t need: coffee, beer, clothes, etc.)

The daily average do not include the last two categories – “Drinks” or “Luxury/Extras” because those really aren’t needed to survive… that was just me wanting a beer, coffee, or something extra that I really could have done without.

Use the tabs at the bottom to toggle between a complete day-by-day break down, and the overall averages for a typical day in Morocco.

I hope this helps some of you with planning your Moroccan-Adventure!

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