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The Delirium Café

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Located in the amazing city of Brussels, Belgium!

delirirum-logoThe Delirium Café brews the famous beer known as Delirium Tremens – which is very strong and very tasty… but if you don’t want Delirium’s own brew, then try any of the over 2000 beers they have.  That’s right, OVER 2000 BEERS!!

The Delirium Café holds the Guinness World Record for the most beers offered with 2004, obtained in 2004. Today, they are pushing close to 2500!

delirirum cafe

I LOVE to try new beers so I get overwhelmed when a place has a selection of over 50 good beers!  But when I saw the menu at The Delirium Café, I was extremely excited and almost hyperventilating at the same time.  The menu is thicker than a brick, and just as heavy; it is insane!

When I was there, I had beers that tasted like dark chocolate covered strawberries, a coconut beer that was served in a real coconut shell, and even a beer that tasted just like a cookie!  Any kind of beer that you’re into, they’ll have!

The best way to sample beers is to go with a group and everyone get a different beer and then just keep rotating them around.  I love to have my own good beer all to myself, but with a bar with over 2000 beers, it’s stupid to just try one or two.

*this is definitely in my top favorite bars throughout the world!

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