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Don’t be a Tourist. Travel.


I couldn’t have said it any better!

You know, I want to explain a little about how I travel.  Some people ask me “can you give me the top 10 things to do in _______.”  And I could probably tell you because I read a lot of travel books and blogs… but when I go to these places myself, I rarely hit even half of the tourist stuff.  I go to these places not because I want a postcard picture or be able to post things all over facebook, but because I love being in new cultures, making new friends that are COMPLETELY different than anyone I know back home, and sitting in public places and people watching.  This is why I’m probably not the best travel writer.  Oh well.  Go read someone else’s blog if you want more tourist information.  However, what you’ll learn from me is, basically, the mindset that the video refers to… and how to do it cheaply… FOREVER!

Don’t live in fear.  Don’t make excuses.  Don’t take the easy way.

Trust the world – forget what you’re TOLD about living in fear!

Live the dream that YOU want to live.

Don’t plan the stuff in between – just let life take you on its wonderful journey.

“Don’t be a tourist. Travel more. Plan less.”


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