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Dublin, Ireland



Copper Face Jacks – THE place to go in Dublin if you want to dance. 

Guinness Factory – pay about 20 Euros to get a tour of the factory and learn how to pour the perfect Guinness!

Stephen’s Green – a local park which is very cute and very relaxing sitting there, soaking in the sun near the pond on a gorgeous day, walking by flowers, and watching children play in the grass.

Shopping.  I found the shopping in Dublin was relatively cheap.  Shoes, sweatshirts, hats, etc were no more than 10 Euros each [about 15 US dollars]

Pubs – enjoy drinking Irish beer and watching Ireland’s national sport: hurling.

O’Connell Street – the main drag in Dublin.

Viking Area.  There is an old part of town there was originally inhabited by the Vikings.  Now, there is a museum and old buildings to display the Viking history.

Doors.  Dublin is also known as “the city of a thousand doors.”  The doors are very colorful, fun, different and worth taking note of.

The Brazen Head – Ireland’s first/oldest pub, established in 1198!  Great food and live music.  Get there early if they’re planning on having live music because the place fills up fast!  They extended the pub into two buildings and both were completely jam packed trying to listen to the traditional live Irish music.  The entertainment was amazing in every way: music was great and between songs, the musicians doubled as comedians keeping the audience laughing the entire time.



Try to find free activities.  While I was there, I found this free exhibition called “Biorhythm” – Music and the Body Expedition.  It was all about how music can affect one’s body and vice versa.  It was very interesting.  It was completely free and the whole thing was interactive.



1. Great Sugar Loaf Mountain
2. Glendalough

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