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East Maui


Paia… is a great little town.

Kaenae Peninsula. Pay attention to the signs because this is easy to miss.  You’ll see a small sign on the left saying “Kaenae [straight], Hana [right]” but this is designed to go to Hana and curves to the right… If you want a nice view that isn’t out of the way at all, go straight!  Kaenea Peninsula is a beach of lava rocks, crashing waves, palm trees and mountains in the background, and you right on the beach to see it all!


Nibbling Fish. There’s place along the road that is kind of difficult to miss because there are lined parking spots and bathrooms [unlike the normal pull-offs on the side of the road].  At this location, there is a short path that goes to a small waterfall but the waterfall isn’t the greatest part.  In the water, there are fish that are not shy – they swim right up to whatever limb you decide to emerge and they all eat your dead skin. This is fun to watch and it tickles.  I was also told that there are spas in other countries that you need to pay for this luxury whereas in Maui, it’s right on the side of the road for free!

View more pictures of the awesome NIBBLING FISH and read more details HERE!

Red Sand Beach.  Hawaii has the craziest color beaches! Check out a full list of amazing colored beaches HERE!


Great Local Food! Once you leave Hana [headed south], there is a great place on the left side of the road to get home made BBQ food – best place for food on the whole eastern side of the island!

Hana. The drive to Hana is considered, to some, to be the most beautiful drive in the world.  I must agree because I had no problem driving it five times!  Hana is basically the only town on the eastern side of the island so be sure to stock up when you drive through – food [for about 2-3 days], water [because the National Park that is 9.3 miles outside of Hana has no water at all], gas [even if you’re not on “empty”, gas up because this is the last gas station for a long time], and anything else you may need for a few days.

Koki Beach. Directly south of Hana [on the left] is a beach called Koki.  It’s a sandy beach with warm water and waves that aren’t ridiculous and that break pretty far out [so you’re able to enjoy small rolling waves for quite some distance].  Koki Beach is very relaxing and not crowed at all.  There is also a snack bar at the end of the road.


Venus Pools. Fresh water pours into this deep pool that is located right on the beach.  The fresh water and ocean mix to make brackish water to swim in.  The ocean water is warm enough to swim comfortably, but the pool is even warmer.  The rocks around the pool make for great diving and jumping spots!  This is a local swimming hole and not marked at all!  Tourists take tour buses to waterfalls that on the side of the road or camp and parks with 97 other tents, but this location is truly a local gem and even if you got directions from native on how to get there, it’s not easy to find.  HERE are my detailed directions on how to get there!


Haleakala National Park is divided into two sections.  One section has the Seven Sacred Pools and a hike to the Bamboo Forest and a waterfall.  This part of the park is 9.3 miles south of Hana [about a 30 minute drive].
The second part of the park is described below…

[Seven Sacred Pools] DSC03466-1000

Haleakala Crater… is the second part of Haleakala National Park and is a bit further down the road [going back north on the other side of the mountain].  Be prepared for freezing temperatures!

[Haleakala Crater]

[Haleakala Mountain at Sunrise]




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