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Edinburgh, Scotland

I love Edinburgh!  There are cafes, art studios, pubs, privately owned restaurants all over [no chains], parks, the central university, castles, ruins, and much more!  This city has a ton of history and just about anything you can imagine that you’d like to do.  It’s super easy to get around via bus or walking.  Everything is really centralized so it’s easy to walk to everything.

While walking through the park I enjoyed the surroundings: people playing frisbee with their dogs and friends, others laying out and getting some sun, the city on one side of the park, the college on the other, and mountains in the background.  It was so relaxing, and amazing to be able to be in a park, the college, mountains, or the city for a beer or coffee in just a matter of which direction I felt like walking towards.

Edinburgh has so much character and uniqueness.  I’m not sure how else to describe it other than “layered”.  What I mean by this is that there are streets on top of streets – stores on top of stores.  You come to a fork in the road and one side goes up hill and other side goes down hill – just a matter of one step to the left of right and you could be on top of the city or under it.  One would think that this would be very difficult to navigate, but on the contrary, it wasn’t that bad with all the landmarks.  In a flat city, you’re unable to see the surroundings to orient yourself, but in Edinburgh there is always a castle or mountains peering overhead to guide you and provide great scenery.

Another aspect of Edinburgh that absolutely loved was the architecture: mixing the old with the new.  Adjacent buildings could be a historic building and a very modern building… both buildings could very well be apartment buildings, but just a completely different feel; yet, amazingly, blend together perfectly. Edinburgh really is one of my favorite cities ever – no matter what you’re in the mood for,Edinburgh has it!

Edinburgh is also very big into the music and art scene so it’s really fun, quirky, and always has something to do.Let’s say you want coffee and breakfast… choose between really old historic coffee shops with a warm and cozy atmosphere, or a famous coffee shop where well-known artists used to frequent, or quirky hippie-like places, or perhaps a modern futuristic coffee shop… whatever your mood is that day, you’ll only be a few steps away!

City of Edinburgh, UK


IMG_1955-1000I always eat the local food so I asked a bunch of people what I should eat.  It was unanimous that I try haggis, but it wasn’t unanimous of what it actually was.  Every person gave me a different answer.  Every person also had a different opinion about the taste.  Some love it, some hate it, some didn’t care one way or the other.  I was kind of confused but I love new and cultural food so… let’s do this!

I then found out that haggis is the inner parts of lamb – stomach, intestine, and something else… minced up with spices.  I’m not really a fan on inner organs as food, but, when in Scotland… !!

Turns out, I LOVED IT!  I mean, I absolutely LOVED IT!  I was one step away from licking the bowl and ordering another one.  Haggis is incredibly good!  And with my dark beer, man… I was loving every second!

I can not wait to go back to Edinburgh.  It’s ranked as one of my top cities of all time.




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