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Europe Travel Planning


The following information is based on U.S. citizenship… If you’re from a country other than the U.S., view visa details HERE!

If you’re from the U.S. and want more information about the country and requirements for entry, click on the country for official U.S. government page and information.



Austria (Österreich)
Czech Republic (Česko)
Denmark (Danmark)

Estonia (Eesti)
Finland (Suomi)

Germany (Deutschland)
Greece (Hellas)
Hungary (Magyar)
Iceland (Island)
Italy (Italia)

Latvia (Latvijas)
Lithuania (Lietuvos)

Netherlands (Nederland)
Norway (Norge)
Poland (Polska)

Slovakia (Slovenská)
Slovenia (Slovenija)
Spain (España)
Sweden (Sverige)

<– click the countries to view visa information for any citizenship or refer the map below.

Europe is interesting and easy with regards to visas… The continent is divided into the “Schengen

Area” – most countries are in this area, but some are not…A U.S. citizen does not need a visa into any Schengen country and then is allowed to move freely from country-to-country within the Schengen area for up to 90 days.Countries out of the Schengen area, you might not need a visa either, but be careful entering these countries and then trying to RE-enter the Schengen area within your 90 days… it might cause an issue…





Albania (Shqipria) No visa needed for 90 days
Andorra No visa, only passport or ID
Must enter from Spain or France
Belarus No visa for 5 days – each day costs €25 and you must prove you have medical insurance which covers at least €10000
Bosnia and Herzegovina If you have a Schengen visa, you may enter for 90 days
No Schengen visa, then only 15 days
Bulgaria (България) Valid Schengen visa = 90 days
Croatia (Hrvatska) Valid Schengen visa = 90 days
Cyprus (Kupros) North= Turkey, South= No visa [90 days]
Georgia (საქართველ) No visa for up to 360 days!
Ireland (Éire) No visa for 90 days
Working holiday visas also available.
Macedonia (Македонија)  No visa for up to 90 days
Moldova  No visa required (& no time limit mentioned?)
Monaco Same as France
& no border control between Monaco and France
Montenegro (Црна Гора) No visa for up to 90 days
Romania (România) No visa for up to 90 days within 6 month period
Russia (Россия) Visa($), Invitation($), Consulate($)
Register on arrival
San Marino Same as Italy – must enter Italy first
Serbia (Србија) No visa for 90 days within 6 month period
Turkey Apply for the Turkey e-visa more than 2 days before
Ukraine (Україна) No visa for 90 days within 6 month period
United Kingdom No visa for 6 months
Vatican City Same as Italy



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