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American vs. British English

One would think that speaking English to another native English speaker would be 100% natural... Well, it's not when there are so many words that are completely different! Here is a list to help you!

Favorite Spanish Cell Service Provider

Did you already read this post about 10 things to know about getting an international cell phone? If so, then you’re ready to move on! . The Cheapest Way The cheapest way to have a phone in...

Things Difficult to Find in Mallorca

. I’ve complied a list of things that I’ve found nearly impossible to find in Mallorca (or anywhere in Spain, for that matter). Hopefully this will help you if you’re planning on...

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is riddled with hip bars, modern restaurants, quaint little pubs with inexpensive imported beers, fun bars and dance clubs, and pretty places to stay. There are a million great places, and...

Everything About NIE (and TIE)

Become a real member of Spain's society - the NIE makes this official... and here is everything you need to know about how to get your NIE!