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Must Have Travel Gear

Over the years, people have asked me what I use while traveling… So I decided to start putting a list together every time I think of a MUST HAVE while traveling. I am not receiving ANYTHING from these companies. Seriously. I just honestly love this stuff and couldn’t imagine traveling without it.


Shelf-Healing Screen Protector

Click picture to see on Amazon
$10 – $25 (depending on phone)

Benefits of the ZAGG InvisibleShield:

For cellphones, tablets, cameras, etc.

It’s self-healing! Yeah, that’s right… it’s nuts. There’s some sort of crazy technology in that thing where if there’s a scratch, the plastic slowly melds itself together… kind of like if you put silly putty standing up on the table, and then hours later you come back and it’s flattened into a silly putty blob <– that’s not a scientific explanation. And neither is this: Basically, you can scratch the piss out of it, and it’ll fix itself!

Free replacements for life! That’s right. If it falls off, or if you’re bored and just want to test your warranty, simply call or fill out the request form online and they will send you a brand new one! Then, you must mail them your old one, or else you’ll be charged the full price – which makes sense or else everyone would be requesting free stuff… they just need to know you really paid for it once. I’ve had mine replaced before (only because I had to get my phone fixed, and they wouldn’t fix it with the shield on it)… and ZAGG was awesome at sending me a free new one super fast! (Only pay $3.99 for shipping)

It works on any phone. Even if your phone isn’t listed on their huge inventory list, you can call and speak with a customer service representative and they’ll look up the dimensions of your phone and send you one that is the closest to your phone. I have a very uncommon phone, so I had to do this. The customer service person was great, and figured out the dimensions of my phone down to the millimeter.



Click pic. to see on Amazon
SteriPen Classic = ~$82

The SteriPEN is a life saver – literally. I’ve used this all over the world and I have literally trusted my life with it.

When I was traveling in Fiji, everyone on the island was drinking the water – locals (of course) and tourists too. All the tourists were like “yeah it’s fine – all the locals say it’s fine” and maybe it was my traveler instinct that kicked in, or perhaps I just wanted to use my SteriPEN that I recently bought, but whatever it was, it saved me!

I took the extra 30 seconds to sit on the beach and purify my water with the SteriPEN and then I had perfectly clean water to drink. A few days later, EVERY tourist in the small beach town was deathly ill – I mean sitting in the bathroom, throwing up, diarrhea, or both…. for about 8 days straight. Some were even rushed to the hospital, and others immediately booked an expensive flight to New Zealand to seek medical treatment there because they were bleeding while going to the restroom!

I was really the only one of about 45 people that didn’t get sick…. I was snorkling and hanging out with the locals all week while. Thanks, SteriPEN! I will use you always <3


Audio Spliters

Click picture to see on Amazon
Audio Spliter = $1.99

These are super handy if you’re traveling with someone! Perhaps on a long flight, watching a movie on your laptop, or looking at video-footage from where you just were – it’s nice to each have headphones and listen to the same thing =)


Travel Locks

Click picture to see on Amazon
Set of 4 and 2 keys = $14

While traveling, locks are a must. Most hostels have lockers that you can use but will charge you a fee if you need a lock – bring your own! Also, they are good to put on your backpack walking around town.

I really like these locks because they are super small and come with two keys which is really nice either in case you lose one OR if you’re traveling with a friend, you each can carry one and then each can access the locker separately.

I’ve used these exact locks for years and they are perfect! I’ve never had an issue with them being “too small” – they fit every locker I’ve ever come across.


Power Adapters

↑ Black, each labeled, $5
Click pictures to see on Amazon
↓ White, 3 year warranty, $9

If you’re planning to travel internationally, then obviously you need some power adapters.

Some people like the big bulky all-in-one adapters (where all 5 pieces are in one contraption)… I don’t like those – they are bulky and unnecessary, really. If you’re only planning to visit Europe for the summer, why carry all 4 other pieces??

First of all, you’ll never need the US adapter (if you’re from the US), so right away, that’s 20% you’ll never need… And if you know for sure you’re only going to be in a certain area for your trip, why carry around a bulky item made for every country in the world? You don’t.

Moreover, I like the separate pieces because I put them in a tiny pouch which I can then add to later. What I mean is, if I’m planning to go to Europe, maybe I’ll have 3 European adapters (for 3 different devices charging at one time) and 1 for Africa (just in case I go there later in the same trip, because, who knows?). My point is, with them being separate, you can mix and match and add more later.


Max’ Carry-On Sized Backpack

Click picture to see on Amazon
The North Face Terra 35 = $150

I’m a huge advocate for traveling with ONLY a carry-on (no fees, never lost or stolen, more flexibility, etc). So, if you’re going to travel the world with only a carry-on, then it should be a backpack which is super durable and the absolute maximum carry-on dimensions… And I’ve found it!

The North Face Terra 35

This is the newer version of the exact bag I use. Literally, the only difference is that my backpack has one zipper on the front, and this one has two.


Samsung Galaxy Camera

Click picture to see on Amazon

Best travel camera ever! And I’ll tell you why… This camera runs the Android operating system – which means it’s exactly like a phone, but just can’t make phone calls. So any app you would use on your cell phone, you can use on the Samsung Galaxy Camera: Instagram, Facebook, any photo editing apps, email, etc. So what I would do is, I explore all day and take epic pictures, and then when I’m on the bus or at a restaurant, I could edit my pictures directly on the camera and post them directly to any social media apps as soon as I step off the bus and into WiFi. Also, I could check my email right from the camera and check in with my family.

So why not just use your cell phone? Well, because this is an actual camera that take awesome pictures, tons of settings, and has a 21x optical zoom (not a digital zoom – optical is the better one)!

So, overall, you can take ok pictures on your phone and use all the apps… You can also get a different camera that takes ok pictures as well… But why would you do either of those when this baby does both and is super convenient?!

Click picture to see on Amazon

This is the camera case I use. I love it because it looks super retro, protects the camera really well because it’s padded and hard, and, most importantly, is convenient and functional. The case is in two pieces: the body case with the strap, and then the wrap around part of the case which protects the lens. The outer part simply snaps off (which you can then throw in your bag), and then the camera is still on the strap around your neck (or how I wear it hiking is sideways, over the shoulder, like a purse on my back).


Merino Wool Socks

Click picture to see on Amazon
Merino wool socks = $7 – $25

Merino wool is a backpackers’ secret and a magic material! When you hear “wool” you might think super warm, bulky, and itchy (like a wool scarf), but that’s not necessarily true. Wool can be as thin and as soft cotton.

“Merino wool” is a special type of wool that comes from New Zealand sheep – it is the softest wool in the world, doesn’t hold in moisture (like cotton – which is super important because moisture breeds bacteria and makes you feel cold) and, the best part is, it doesn’t smell! Really! It doesn’t smell, like, pretty much ever! This is why it’s a backpacker’s go-to material and why we try to buy all clothes made of Merino wool – socks, underwear, shirts, etc.

Merino wool socks are a must – always dry (even if you sweat) and they never smell!

Try to find Merino wool clothing with as much Merino wool in it as possible – anything 80% or higher is great! Anything lower than 80% and you’re just “watering down” the product (but it’ll be cheaper so… your call).


Microfiber Towel

Click pic. to see on Amazon
Travel Towel = ~$10

One of the most essential things to bring while traveling (unless you’re just planning on staying in Hotels the entire time) is a quick-dry towel. Microfiber towels are really thin, light, super absorbent, and quick-drying. Just shake it and most of the water falls right out. I always bring my traveling because I use it all the time: showers, beach days, as a blanket on the bus, to clean up spills, etc.



Click picture to see on Amazon
LightMyFire Spork = ~$3

A spoon, a fork, and a knife – all in one! BPA-free, ultra-light, and durable, this one utensil is all you’ll need for eating leftovers or food on-the-go.

I have a few of these for camping and sharing food with friends – and I always bring one when I travel world-wide. It’s come in handy so many times!


Rain Jacket & Liner

Click pic. to see on Amazon

This one is important!

Always pack a 2 layer jacket:
(1) Thin rain jacket shell, with hood (the outer layer)
(2) Warm liner (the inner layer)

The reason you should have a jacket in two piece is because you can mix and match depending on how to weather changes.

With just two simple pieces, you’ll be prepared for any climate!

Cold & Wet: Both pieces together is the perfect winter jacket
Cold & Dry: Just the liner
Warm & Wet: Just the shell
Warm & Dry: No jacket needed!



Do YOU Have a Favorite Travel Product?

Let’s hear what you think! I’m curious what other people bring while traveling. Give your suggestions below and, if they’re amazing, I’ll add them to the list!

Thanks for the input! =)





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