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First Night in Costa Rica

Landed in a hostel for a quick second, and then I made a new friend in the hostel: Eleni, from Germany. We then walked around to check out some stores and to get food nearby.


This entire tray of food was the same price as my hostel: $5.

Does that mean that food is “expensive,” relatively?? Imagine if food in the US was the same price as a hostel ($45)???

Then we tried the new “hangouts” on CouchSurfing and met up with a French traveler and a local who told us all about Costa Rica.

We had a great time telling our travel stories while drinking local Costa Rican drinks: local beers, sugar cane liquor, and a spicy kind of bloody mary… All were really good!

Note: drinks look gross because they’re all half gone haha.

By the way, this sign is in all bathrooms here, which roughly translates to “throw paper (and other things) in the garbage” NOT THE TOILET.

Last time I saw this was in Asia…. Eleni thinks this is the grossest thing ever hahaha!

It’s 2am now and I’m still awake hanging out! Fun times.



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