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Free Cirque Du Soleil Show

One evening while in the city of Quebec, I saw a huge gathering of people under a bridge.  A huge gathering of people in the middle of the city center wouldn’t be so strange, but under a bridge is very odd.  I walked over the the crowd and asked what was going on.  The people in line ahead of me told me that there was going to be a free Cirque Du Soleil Show outside under that very bridge.

I’m a big fan of Cirque Du Soileil and have seen them live before.  I have seen shows on TV and have even watched the reality TV show about the performers and performances… However, I have never heard of a Cirque Du Soileil show outside using the structures around as the set!

The tightrope, stage, trampolines, and other set pieces were tied tightly to the bridge above.  The lights shown in different colors and shapes on the same bridge unifying the the performance and the city structures.  It was truly an amazing scene!

But I got to thinking… The other Cirque Du Soleil shows I’ve been to have been, well, not cheap… So why is Cirque Du Soleil performing for free when they could have made money off of this?

If you didn’t know, Cirque Du Soleil is from Quebec – that is where it all started [with Quebec being a little pocket of France, this makes sense]… So when Cirque Du Soleil became extremely popular, they decided to give something back the city where it all began…

Whatever the case may be, I couldn’t have timed this any more perfectly.  I randomly was walking around the city of Quebec and stumbled upon a free showing of what is probably my favorite of all performances.



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