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Access Facebook in Communist Countries

Keeping in contact with family is important while traveling – especially for safety reasons…  I know that if I don’t email my mother at LEAST once every other day, she’ll start to panic.  And I think if it goes past 3 days, she would have the international police looking for me.

click this icon to access facebook in countries that don’t allow it!

Nowadays, the easiest way to keep in touch with friends and family is through facebook.  However, what if you can’t log-in to facebook for a few weeks?!  Not from your cell phone, not from your laptop, not from an internet cafe, …. NOWHERE !  How and why would this happen?

Well, when traveling through Vietnam, I found that this is the case.  The government blocks social networking websites from public use.   No matter if you go to an internet cafe or use your own device, “www.facebook.com” will not work…

Now I’m not a huge facebook fan so a few weeks off of it didn’t matter and I keep in contact with family through email and skype…  but just the principle of the matter sort of annoyed me…

So I found the easiest way around it:

To access facebook even in a country that doesn’t allow it, click one of the links below (some might not work anymore, so you might have to try another one…)




If this post helped you out, then while you’re beating the system and on facebook, LIKE Hole Stories!  [click the link or just search for “Hole Stories” while you’re logged in]

If the facebook icon link no longer works over there, then please let me know so that I can update my sources!  Thanks!

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