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Happy Hour in Oslo

Being from a country where Happy Hour is a major part of the culture, it really threw me for a loop moving to Norway and not having the same vibes/deals. I’ve slowly accepted it, but I still try my best to find some deals and invite my friends to create our own “Happy Hours.” As I find more places, I’ll add them to the list to share with everyone. Please leave a comment if you know of any more deals around Oslo!

Bristol Pub

🍔   Burger + 2 beers for 225kr
🕓  Wednesday-Friday, 16:00-19:00


🍺  59kr
🌙  All day and night (until 3am)

Los Tacos

🍺  49kr
🕘  Every day, but only until 21:00


Deal: Beer under 70kr all night

Address: Schweigaards gate 17, 0191

Deal: burger + 2 beers for 225kr

Address: Kristian IVs gate 9, 0164

Deal: 49kr beer until 21:00

Address: Europarådets Plass 1, 0154

Deal: 49kr beer until 21:00

Address: Seilduksgata 17, 0553

Deal: 49kr beer until 21:00

Address: Torggata 18, 0181



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