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Hiking in Slovenia

Whenever my friends invite me along for an adventure, I rarely say no. I really like not planning and “just going along with the ride” (as I’m sure you most likely know, because that’s how I travel 90% of the time –  flying by the seat of my pants and just seeing what happens.) So when my new (CouchSurfing) friend asked if I wanted to go for a hike, of course I said “yes” (with hardly any questions).

The hike was 17km and my legs were exhausted… and honestly, now that I’m looking at a map, I really don’t know why we didn’t just drive to these places, but I guess the walking was the main idea (not my idea – I would have just driven). Nevertheless, this was a great adventure that I really recommend (whether you walk or drive).

Stop #1: A visit to Lenart — a bladesmith who makes AMAZING blades, roses, and much more! Check out his website and social media (IG @emberborn_blades or FB /emberborn)

Stop #2: Rakov Skocjan Cave — a natural land bridge created after years of erosion. Walk over a river, and through the woods… and then through a small cave to see a really amazing place! It looks like a mountain with a hole through it! Now THAT’S a HOLE STORY! =)

Click on the pictures for a 17km hike in 17 seconds:




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