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How “Buffalo Wings” Got Their Name

How -Buffalo Wings- Got Their Name Rosie

Ever Wonder?

Ever wonder why buffalo wings are called “buffalo wings”?  I have.  I mean, seriously, lets think about this: (1) buffaloes don’t have wings and if they did, the wings wouldn’t be that small.  And (2) if we called them “chicken wings,” we’d only be half correct because “wings” are 50% wings and 50% legs. OK, so what’s the deal?!  The great secret is that buffalo wings actually come from Buffalo, New York… and hence, how they were named.


Where and When

If you love wings like I do and happen to be near Buffalo, New York before Labor Day weekend, you may want to check out the annual wing festival.

Every year in Buffalo, bars and restaurants from all over the region, attend the annual festival to boast about their uniquely flavorful wings – and they certainly are… unique and flavorful, that is.  Wing flavors range from fruity to spicy… from crazy to just plain weird.

The festival works with tickets: purchase 10 tickets for $10 and pay for wing using the tickets.  A basket of wings is about 3 tickets.

275 Washington St.
Buffalo, NY 14203


My Favorites

My favorites were the “Wet & Wild” from the Wing Warehouse [an amazing mixture of spicy wing sauce and ranch dressing], the “Mango BBQ” and “Raspberry” from the Hurricane Grill & Wings, and the “Smokey BBQ” from BWB.


There are also other activities besides sampling wings such as a wing cook off and other entertainment while eating.

For more information and the exact dates for the next Buffalo Wing Festival, check the website:

Have fun, eat up, and don’t wear white!






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