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How to Make Chocolate

While doing a home-stay in Puerto Jiménez, I learned how to make homemade chocolate. My host, Elias, was pretty great and taught me step-by-step:

★ Pick and open the fruit of the plant (preferably, with a machete)

★ Inside, there is white stuff around the seeds… The white part is sweet like candy and delicious!

★ Spit out the seeds and set to dry

★ Ferment the seeds in wooden box for about 6 days… Seeds will turn black

★ Dry in sun for about 5 more days (until conpletely dry)

★ Roast on stove

★ Peel shells and separate shells from seeds (actually, they’re not really hard shells; they’re more like thin flakes that come right off if you roll the seed between your thumb and index finger)

✩  Save the “shells” to make chocolate tea

★ Grind seeds into powder

★ Put water and sugar in a pan, and slowly heat
★ Add cocoa to got sugar-water mix

★ Cool in fridge

When it is cold and hard, it’s like a super dark chocolate bar. It was delicious! I also love that we made it completely from raw ingredients, so nothing about it was processed at all.

This is the finished product:



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What do you think? Would you try this at home if you had the chocolate *fruit* ? (It’s a fruit, right??) Can we buy this is the U.S.?



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