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Important Spanish Websites & How to Use Banned Websites Abroad

A short list of important websites to make your time in Spain easier and perhaps even more enjoyable!

Spanish Apartment Hunting

I covered this in a previous post, but I think it’s important so here’s a link back in case you missed it :)


Spanish Craigslist Equivalent


Just like craigslist in the sense that this website has EVERYTHING – furniture, apartments, cars, clothes, you name it!


Language Tutoring / Language Exchange


Known as “intercambio” (cambio meaning “change”) – these websites allow you to connect with Spanish people willing to teach you Spanish in exchange for you speaking English to them… an hour of Spanish and an hour of English (for example).



How to Use Banned Websites Abroad

How to Use Banned Websites Abroad | HOLE STORIESHola Extension (for Google Chrome; use the app for your smart-phone)

Did you notice that your Pandora, NetFlix, and other favorite websites of yours don’t work in Spain? Yup. They won’t. Unless, of course, you can figure out a way to be more clever than the computer. Don’t worry, Google has figured it out!

If you use Google Chrome, add the “Hola” extension. This will allow you to “choose” a country that you wish to browse from. What this means is my computer will think it’s sitting in New York and then I can listen to my beloved Pandora stations.

This will also work on your smart phone. Download the Hola App in the Google Play Store and it’ll allow you to use any of the same apps you’d use at home (but shhhhhh, you’re abroad!) Clever you.



Traveling to a country where Facebook is banned?  Check out this post that describes how to get around that too!



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