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Kuta, Bali, Indonesia


Town, Island, Country
: Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Kuta is a very lively city and is kind of fun coming right off the plane – lights everywhere, the majority of the vehicles are motorcycles and scooters, inexpensive villas/bungalows [about $12 per night, NOT per person], the beach with markets, and much more.  It’s like any city where you’ll find McDonalds, KFC, and other huge chains.

Since it is a big city for Bali and it is where a lot of tourists are since it’s right outside the airport, Kuta is a place where everyone is trying to sell you something – even children on the street trying to sell you bracelets or DVDs… and they’ll follow you in the streets, shoving what they’re selling in your face.  If you’re trying to avoid a place with huge chains and people begging, then I suggest skipping Kuta and going straight to Ubud.

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Where to Stay:

The main road with most of the inexpensive accommodations is on Poppies Lane 2 [not Poppies Lane 1].  Tell your taxi driver to drop you off at Poppies Lane 2 and follow that road – it twists, turns, and meanders its way through Kuta.  Walking this road, you’ll feel like you’re walking a riverbed or rollercoaster because there are no cross streets or really any way off of the street besides the beginning and the end.  However, in this twisting street, there are a few places to rest your head and your backpack.

The place I stayed in was called Palm Gardens Hotel – Look for the sign on the street or else you might miss it! PalmGardenswas inexpensive, safe, clean, had a fan and TV, and included breakfast in the morning.  It’s located directly across the “Circle K” – you’ll become familiar with these once you get there, but a “Circle K” is like a 7-Eleven.

A good/fair price for a room is 125,000 Rupiah per night [not per person].  This is about US$13.  If you get to a place that is more than 150,000 Rupiah, just keep on walking because there are plenty of places that are cheaper and include breakfast.

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