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Lake Bled

Lake Bled

I guarantee that you’ve seen pictures of Lake Bled and Bled Island – this is a very picturesque place and has probably been your screensaver a few times.


Hike/Drive to the Top

There’s a really nice restaurant at the very top of the hill, and parking can be insane, but what we did was just park behind the building in an unofficial spot (so if we stayed for hours, we would have gotten a ticket for sure)… But we parked just for a little bit so that we could run around the building and get the amazing views of the lake (without having to wait/pay for parking or eat at the restaurant — because the real treat to eat is at the bottom! Keep reading).

Hike around the building (if could be a bit intense because the drop is straight down, so be careful), but the view of the lake is the best of that spot (with hardly any other crazy people around you).


Bled Island

Rent a Boat! The traditional transportation to Bled Island is a wooden boat known as a pletna.


Bled Cream Cake

The area’s culinary specialty, a cream pastry (kremna rezina or kremšnita ‘Cremeschnitte’), was designated a protected dish of designated origin in 2016 by the Slovene government. There is an annual festival dedicated to the pastry. It is estimated that 15 million cream pastries have been prepared at the Hotel Park’s patisserie over the last 60 years.


Around the Lake (& What to Skip)

Sit a relax, have a picnic, enjoy the views, and take a picture with the dumbest photo point on the planet! You see me in the picture turned around actually yelling (and laughing at how stupid this thing is)?! Why?? Please tell me you see it too!! Why on Earth is the photo bench places on the lake-side?? One of the most picturesque lakes in the entire world and they place this dumb heart photo bench facing AWAY from the lake?!! REALLY?!! Like I really want a picture with other tourists walking behind me and the gorgeous lake to the back of the photographer?? HAHA Epic fail, Lake Bled! Skip this thing and enjoy the lake!


Alternative: Lake Bohinj

If Lake Bled is too crowded for you, then check out Lake Bohinj. Very pretty, close by, and not as crowded. Enjoy! 




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