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Las Vegas, NV, USA



City, [State], Country: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA [aka “Vegas”]

In a NutshellVegas is associated with being absolutely crazy in every way imaginable: gambling, drinking, dancing, sex, etc.  If you want a relaxing vacation, this is not the place to go.

Entertainment:  Everything.  Every hotel has casinos and dance clubs in them and most are connected to each other so that it’s easy to club-hop – which is actually kind of interesting and very different… I’m used to club-hopping, but not club-hopping without ever leaving a building and carpet under my feet the whole time!

Getting Around:  There is no reason not to walk.  Everything in Vegas is built on top of each other – if you DON’T walk, you’ll miss a lot.  Also, you’re allowed to walk around the streets of Vegas with alcoholic drinks in hand.

Best Time To Go [and why]A lot of people go in the summer because that is when they have the time off.  I personally hate the heat normally and then you have to remember that Vegas is a city in the middle of a desert!  However, it’s not too bad when every hotel has an amazing pool… and you get served frozen drinks in those amazing pools.



Where To Stay:  The best location to stay [especially if it’s your first time in Vegas] would be in any hotel along the main strip between the Venetian and the Aladdin.  The Strip is where all the entertainment is and the best place to walk around.

Disclaimer: I have not visited Vegas too often.  It’s also not a city I enjoy… this is just my opinion, of course; most people love Vegas.  I never had any desire to go and even after giving it a chance, I still don’t have any desire to go back.  I would rather go to a city where I learn something, can be in fantastic scenery just outside the city limits, can relax in a coffee house doing some work, or expand my worldly views.  Vegas, to me, is the antithesis of this.  I’m not learning too much from one huge party with sex flaunted everywhere and people falling over themselves.  Nevertheless, if that’s what you’re into… enjoy.
Since most everyone else flocks to Vegas, let’s here your suggestions!
Best [but reasonably priced] hotel?  Food suggestions?  Best pool?  And/Or anything else you can think of!

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