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Live Simply

In the beginning of 2013, I moved to Seattle… for no reason at all except “why not?”

Without too much thought, I put in my car what I needed.  Looking back on it, it’s incredible how little I had… incredibly refreshing…

In my car, driving across the U.S., I had:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat
  • Cooler
  • Backpack
  • Snowboard and boots
  • One laundry basket of clothing
  • Snowboots
  • Some travel books
  • Knitting needles and yarn
  • Rubik’s Cube
  • Toiletries

Yup, that was it about all I brought!

So when I got to my new house in Seattle, I had to get creative with decorating and making my home feel like a home without spending money… and basically living how I feel most comfortable: Simply… and Free [monetary value as well as the “up-and-go” freedom]


Here are some examples from my bedroom:



Use a 6-pack beer container to organize smaller items.  I use one to keep my hair products.

TIP: You can make a bigger compartment by easily detaching one of the cardboard walls and pushing it back [turning two smaller spaces into one big one].



Use a large shoe-box as a nightstand, drawer, and lap-desk when sitting on the floor or bed…

TIP: I used my snowboard boots’ box because it’s very large, thick, opens like a book, and has a handle…

I wrapped mine with the travel section of the newspaper just to make it look a little less like a shoe-box… It opens like a book [not like a normal shoe-box with a detachable top], so doesn’t come apart… and the handle is great for grabbing it quickly and getting stuff out of it or grabbing it and putting it on the bed…



Make your wallet out of recycled paper.  I made my wallet out of a Barcelona Metro Map.  It rips a little from time to time, but just tape it and you’re good to go!



Use a wooden pallet to organize!

It took me awhile to figure out what these things are actually called, but you can use them in a number of different ways:

  • Headboard for your bed
  • Coffee table with cinder block legs
  • Stacked under a mattress as a bed

I use mine propped up against the wall to just throw stuff on so I’m not stepping on it… sweaty clothes from the gym, bags, pin papers and mail, etc.

The best part is that I got a few of them for free!  I just went to Home Depot and asked if they had any wooden pallets that they were going to throw away.  I had to ask a few different people because most didn’t know… Also, most pallets get sent back to the company for money [like recycling bottles]…. but some considered “trash” and will just be thrown away anyways so…. USE THEM!!!



I use the top to my hairspray bottle as a “catch-all”… just little things like change, cards, matchbooks, chapstick, etc.



I <3 Maps… so I used maps of Seattle city center, Washington state, and the mountain trails where I snowboard to hang all over my room as free posters.

TIP: AAA members get “free” maps! You just need to find a AAA store and ask for any ones you want [they’re behind the desk].


7 & 8.

Use push pins on the wall as hooks!

I was about to buy the fancy hooks with the double-sided tape that pulls right off but… they always wind up falling down and they’re more expensive…  Just buy a box of push pins and stick ’em all over the wall as an extended closet for small things like hats, scarves, etc.

Or smaller things such as keys and such…

TIP: Use a binder clip to clip small papers together [like receipts] and hang them from pushpins from the wall [great for an office]!



Use toilet paper rolls to hold/organize bothersome items…

I use toilet paper rolls for cords and receipts… but they’re also really good to put standing up in a box and put writing-utensils in [because pens always end up on their side and at the bottom]…

There are actually a lot of uses for toilet paper rolls that I really like…



I got crafty one night and made a little flower art piece out of cut up toilet paper rolls… One roll makes two flowers [as shown].  I like it better than a lot of other “art” that I see in museums – at least this is recycled!


All in all, the only thing I bought for this room were the push pins [~50 for $4]… everything else was “trash” that I reused to make an awesome room!

Interested in more ways to be frugal?!  Here’s a detailed list of what I do in other aspects of my life [and not just my bedroom].

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