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Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is now one of my favorite cities, and has made it to My Top Favorite Cities List! I think everyone should go check out this city at some point =)


Money / Prices

Slovenia uses the Euro, and prices are average to below average (not too expensive):

€1.20 » Bus ride to city center
€2-€5 » Beer
€4-€10 » Average food price


What To See/Do


When I was at the castle, there was a fancy event taking place, so I didn’t take any pictures (because I didn’t want to disturb the event), but this is the view from outside of the castle:

City Center & Old Town

Located under the castle, it is the historic and old part of the city… Nice shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, etc.

River Walk

Along the river there are beautiful cobblestone walking streets. Take a stroll and pop into cozy cafes and nice shops.


Akc Metelkova (Autonomous Cultural Center)

This is a MUST! This is my favorite place in all of Ljubljana! It’s a section of the city that is very artsy and creative with a bunch of bars…. graffiti all over the buildings and art in the streets! The bars are more like houses that sell alcohol because there’s no regulation to stay inside. Most people go in, buy a beer, and then walk outside and sit on the playground or in the tree house.

If you’ve been to Copenhagen, Denmark, then you might know of the crazy area of town called “Christiania.” Metelkova in Ljubljana is just like Christiania in Copenhagen =)

Museum Square

P_20180622_155143-1200Right near Metelkova (and kind of near the big bus stations in town), there’s a small square of nice museums.



Artsy, hip, bars...




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