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London Bus System

IMG_1330-1000 The London bus system really irritated me.  I couldn’t figure it out at all!  The signs at the bus stops didn’t help because it lists every station but not where those stations are.  The map that I had had the routes, but not all the routes because I saw buses with numbers that were no where listed.  Then, at a stop on my map that says that the RV1 bus stops there, and only that bus – it never came… but every other bus did!  I walked around and asked people for awhile but no one could explain it to me.  They would just ask “where do you want to go” but I don’t care about where I go, I care about understanding and doing it myself.  Ugh!  So frustrating.

I really hope that when I was in London, there was some sort of construction or new system implementation which was the cause for the ridiculousness that I experienced…

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