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“London Parkour 2010”

So while wandering around London on my own, I discovered that I can’t speak the language and I can’t get around… I’m lost!

Another bothersome trait of London was the bus system.  It really irritated me.  I couldn’t figure it out at all!

So I stopped to ask someone about the buses.  I saw a boy walking along the edge of a wall that had about a 25 foot drop on one side and he was walking it like a tight-rope at a circus!  Like it was nothing!  The wall was to one of the stops to “The Tube” where it had an extreme drop with another wall on the other side about 10 feet apart [like a canyon].  I thought he was absolutely crazy.  I walked over to him [and his friend] to…. I don’t know… tell them to be careful?!  And to see if they, perhaps, understood the buses….

Turns out, the two boys didn’t understand the bus system either because they were from Norway.  I told them to try not to kill themselves and walked away, sat down on a nearby bench, and started to look at my bus map again.

As I did this, the boy that was walking the wall walked over to the side walk, started kicking his legs like he was stretching, and then wiped off the bottom of his shoe.  What was he doing?  I sat there, watching curiously… And then out of no where, he ran full speed to the first wall, jumped over it, MISSED THE SECOND ONE, and fell!

I literally gasped and jumped up off the bench as I saw his fingers gripping the side of the second wall.  Like a spring, he bounced off the wall to the first one and leaped up over the top and landed back on his feet

WHAT?!  SERIOUSLY?!  And his friend got it all on camera!!  It was the craziest thing…


London Parkour  A Few Days Later:

I had written on my blog “I regret now not going back over there and watching some more and getting their emails so that I could have this video with me in the background having a heart attack… Although I would bet that it’s floating around on youtube somewhere.”

Two and a Half Years Later

I read this old blog post and laughed to myself remembering this day and how I probably am in the back of a video somewhere on the internet worrying about the stranger… Then I thought to myself “well, I have time to kill, I’ll search for it…”

I typed in “London Parkour 2010” and, literally, the first video I clicked on was THE video!

I find this extremely amusing.  An old post from 2.5 years ago that meant nothing and I was about to delete made me giggle, and a random search found a video that now makes this post one of my favorites!

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE! see me jump up at 1:03…


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To Top It Off:

Starting the new year of 2013, my brother and I were watching a compilation of “epic fails” from the past years… a video of about 500 4-second clips pieced together of people doing stupid things and failing… After about a half hour of watching stupid videos clips, I see exactly the same scene from London [the picture above] and the kid not only missing the wall, but smashing his face and falling!  This must have been right after I walked away… He tried again and didn’t make it… It’s so funny to watch random youtube videos and happen to come across one where you’re in the background.


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