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Maui’s Bamboo Forest

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Hana Highway.
Uninc Maui County, HI 96708

Maui [one island that makes up the state of Hawaii] is spectacular and definitely worth visiting at some point…

On the island of Maui there is a bamboo forest that is a great day hike!  Enjoy amazing scenery, a picturesque waterfall, and, of course, the bamboo forest!

The scenery consists views over of a lush rain forest… The waterfall is so tall and you get so close to it, that it’s hard to even fit in in a picture… and the bamboo forest is just really interesting to be a part of – you might feel like a little ant walking through huge blades of grass.

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If you’re interested in going to Maui, learn how to make driving around the island super easy by clicking HERE!

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