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Favorite Spanish Cell Service Provider

Did you already read this post about 10 things to know about getting an international cell phone? If so, then you’re ready to move on!


The Cheapest Way

Spanish Sim Card #2The cheapest way to have a phone in Spain, is to first have a bank account. This way, the phone company you choose can automatically transfer the few euros each month from your bank account to your mobile account.

This is called a “contract” – if you want do this, it might be the most convenient. However, I really like the flexibility of the “pay as you go” plans… so this is what I will tell you about.


All Carriers & Favorite

There are a few different carriers you can choose in Spain: Vodafone, Orange, HitsMobile, MoviStar, Yoigo, Yastel, etc. For more details, read the post at the beginning of this article.

The carrier that I chose (and the one that I personally think is great), is HitsMobile.


Advantages to HitsMobile

  • Website and customer service is in English
  • Inexpensive (€4.90/month for ½ gig and €7.90/month for full gig of data)
  • Convenient app on phone to monitor account
  • Can easily add more money via PayPal directly from phone (through the app)
  • Can change plan from month-to-month with just one text
  • Phone number isn’t lost with no money and no activity (for 5 months)


How to Become a HitsMobile Customer

Simply go to a cell phone shop and ask for a Hits SIM card

Bring your passport (you’ll need your passport so that they can create an account in the computer for you.

Say that you want to pay as you go, and do not have a bank account.


How to Keep/Change Your Plan

Either go into the store and ask them to renew for you… OR…

Do it yourself with the HisMobile app on your phone and a sinple text message.


  1. Download the app to see your balance and to “top up”
  2. Top Up via PayPal (you’ll need to have a PayPal account)
  3. Once you have enough credit in your account, send a simple text message to 22321 with one of these choices:
    • 250 MB PACK
    • 500 MB PACK
    • 1 GB PACK
    • 3 GB PACK





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