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Neahkahnie Mountain

Hike Stats

Distance = 6.4 miles
Elevation Gain = 2401 feet

Neahkahnie Mountain a really awesome hike with an EPIC view at the top! The view is where mountains meet the beach – as far as the eye can see!

But keep reading because this spot (where I’m standing in the picture) is not where most hikers go – this is not the marked viewpoint (yet it’s only about 50 feet away, and hidden)!

Longer hike

The shorter hike

This is the location where everyone else goes for pictures - it's crowded and just ok

This is where YOU should go!

There's a small "secret passage" to the left (when you get to the top) - follow that up! The view is better... it is EPIC!!


The Hike

There are two ways to hike up: From the north, and from the south. The north approach is longer. Most people park at the south trailhead, hike in and hike back to the car (this is what I did).

If you want to hike the close to 7 mile full trek, then you can do the full loop – park and either trailhead, get to the view point, continue going to the other trailhead, and then walk back along Route 101. (Check the map for a visual or visit All Trails for more info’)


At the Top

Once you make it to the top, most people go the the typical view point BUT there is a secret passage to the left (once you get to the top, it’ll be on your left)! It doesn’t look like much, so really look for it. You’ll see a small opening through the trees, and a ledge that goes pretty steep upwards… follow that! The reward is an epic view, with fewer trees in the way, and no one around!






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