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Nibbling Fish

If you’ve been to Asia, then you know that massages are offered on every corner – foot massage, upper-body massage, full-body massage, Thai massage, etc… but the one that was new to me was the “fish massage.”  All over Asia there are huge fish tanks in the malls and on the streets and in the tanks there are small, hungry, nibbling fish that eat the dead skin off of your feet.

The price is about US$3-US$5 for 15 minutes [maybe a half hour in some places].

When traveling through Indonesia and Thailand, I saw these fish-massage-stations set up all over the place and would smile to myself as I walked by…

I smiled because while in Maui, I found a small little oasis with natural nibbling fish.  There was a place not too far from the side of the road with a small waterfall, crystal clear blue water, and nibbling fish.  The water was warm and the waterfall continuously circulates the water so there is always fresh water to swim in – definitely better than sticking your feet in the same gross water that everyone else uses!

As soon as any limb was submerged into the water, the fish would immediately swim over and start nibbling at the dead skin.  You could swim around or just sit on a rock and enjoy the natural massage that is cleaner, more tranquil, and that doesn’t cost a cent!



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